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About Us


About Diamond Visions Inc.

Diamond Visions is an established leader in the audio, lighting, and video industry. Since 2007, Diamond Visions has distinguished itself with superior customer service that represents the integrity of our business partners while providing the highest quality service and merchandise available. Diamond Visions approaches every project as a team, where each team-member possesses a clear vision and cutting edge understanding of their respective objectives.

Diamond Visions has one sole purpose: to be the ultimate new-age, one-stop-shop for musicians, DJs, entertainers, and production professionals who have a passion for cutting edge gear. In order to best serve our clients, we have three successful divisions (sales, production, and installation) that work harmoniously to deliver outstanding results.

Don’t worry about blowing your budget, Diamond Visions will only blow your mind!


Our Product Sales department is staffed with expert technicians trained in sound, lighting, and video mechanics. Diamond Visions regularly works with: lighting contractors, designers, installers, restaurant and club owners…


DVI provides Audio Visual support to events and stadium wide concerts every week. This is our passion. We are dedicated to designing, developing, and providing gear and services vital to incredibly transform your house parties…


Diamond Visions has you covered with the latest gear to upgrade and provide your events and gigs with top-of-the-line gear along with the best customer service. Let Diamond Visions be your on call warehouse stocked with pro equipment.