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Let’s Produce!

Diamond Visions prides itself in being a one stop shop when it comes to sound, lighting, and video support for events; whether it’s a small AV setup in a local hotel for an important business meeting or a large scale concert for a sea of screaming fans. The Diamond Visions team will make sure the sound reinforcement, event illumination and video display/projection systems are all in tune for the event.

We go the extra mile to capture our client’s vision and help them bring that concept to life. Our top-of-the-line production equipment and time-tested expertise helps us achieve these goals for our clients. From concept to delivery we are our client’s one call.

Our Clients include:

  • Conference and Event Producers
  • Professional Conference Organizers
  • Corporations
  • Concert Venues
  • Banquet Halls
  • Associations
  • Charities
  • Educational Institutions

  • Advertising
  • Entertainment
  • Engineering & Design
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Management
  • Software and Computing
  • Legal
  • Telecommunications
  • Healthcare & Medical

We go the extra mile to capture our client’s vision and help them bring that concept alive.



Few things are more distracting than poor sound. Feedback, distortion, too much bass or not enough can quickly turn an event sour. Whether you’re a musician, a DJ, or a corporate trainer your career is all about being heard. You want your clients to judge you on the quality of your message and they can only do that if your message is intelligible. Luckily for you, quality sound is within your reach and Diamond Visions knows how to deliver.

Our staff is made up of professional sound engineers who cut their teeth on the front lines of touring, theater, DJ, and corporate sound reinforcement. We understand sound like a vintner understands wine and no matter what your budget, we can give your clients a taste of audio perfection.



It is impossible for a speaker to connect with an audience that can’t see them. It is just as difficult for a DJ to create a celebratory atmosphere under the dull glow of fluorescent office lighting.

Diamond Visions employs professional lighting technicians that have been around the proverbial block. With thousands of shows under our belt, we have the know-how to make big things happen without missing the small details that make an event spectacular.

In order to serve you best, we only carry the best gear available. We made the investment to make sure your events are the highest quality and are supported by fresh, cutting-edge technology; not tired, road-worn gear.



Video is everywhere. We pass video screens in the mall and on the roads; we carry video in our purses and on our phones. It only makes sense that most stand-out events also utilize video.

Diamond Visions understands how important video is and we have partnered with industry leaders to provide our clients with top-of-the-line projectors, screens, video walls, and even pixelized LED lighting driven by advanced video servers.

Diamond Visions will take the time to understand your needs. We will help you: get the right system, get everything you need before the event, and help you understand how to use it. So you can focus on teaching, training, or making the party happen.