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Commercially Appealing

There is something about a well-lit room; it’s easier to see, easier to dream, easier to buy. You’ve spent years building your business. You’ve invested, sacrificed, and strived to give your clients the best products or services. Why would you want to leave them in the dark?

You can get them into the club, but if your sound system isn’t up to par, your clients on going to dance on down the road. Why would you let them leave because of a tired sound system?

Diamond Visions, Inc. has the tools, the expertise, and the creative ability to elevate your place-of-business to the excellence it deserves. We can show you what needs to be done, how much it will save you, and how little it will cost. Call us today for a FREE, comprehensive, no-obligation analysis of your situation.

Diamond Visions, Inc. has a team of experts that can take your space from nice to WOW!



Atmosphere sells. Why not create a fresh, bold, new design that literally beacons new customers to your place. Want something truly unique? We’ll design it for you. Want a bar that acts like an iPad®? We’ve done it. Want tables that text flirtatious salutations across a crowded dance floor? We’ve done it. Want to change the colors of the room in seconds rather than hours? You guessed it; we’ve done it. Want a full wall turned into an LED video Screen? Want a sound system that wraps dancers in sound so luscious they simply can’t leave? We’ve got you covered.



Maybe you don’t need the flash and sizzle of a night club. Maybe you are looking for a warm and inviting atmosphere to attract a different type of customer? Are you worried that modern CFL and LED lamps are cold and sterile? We have good news. They don’t have to be. By switching incandescent lamps to LEDs with a warm color temperature, your business can save as much as 60% in electrical costs and see a complete ROI in less than one year. Furthermore, there are government programs that may pay up to 80% of the cost for you!


Audio & Visual

Your customers spend thousands of dollars on home entertainment and high quality in-car sound systems, they expect a certain audio quality in your venue. Are you delivering?

You’re spending a lot in advertising and signage. Want to put those profits back in your pocket? With the right plan, you can spend the money once, and be able to change the message any time you please? LED video walls give you the flexibility to advertise, show the big game, and add a modern flair to your venue with complete flexibility.



Whether you are looking for bold RGB color mixing fixtures to up-light a banquet hall, or direct-replacement LED lamps to brighten your office space, we have you covered. If you need an earthshaking sound system or one that is so transparent your clients feel right at home. We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking to recoup advertising dollars or project the next big game to a full house, we’ve got you covered.

Diamond Visions is your one-stop-shop for commercial audio, video, and sound. Give us a call today.