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Club Touch – Orlando, FL

When Club Touch called Diamond Visions, they needed something unique and visually stunning to set them apart from the crowded Orlando club scene. The Diamond Visions team was able to create a “touchable” experience by developing one-off technology to enhance the club’s “drink, play, flirt,” concept.

By rethinking every surface in the room, Diamond Visions not only made a dramatic visual impact, it broke down the barriers of cross-club flirting by allowing patrons to order drinks, ask for a dance, or just plain flirt from their touch-screen table top to any other table top in the club. Acclaim Catwalk Panel technology was expanded to create a touch and temperature sensitive bar top that interacts with patrons and their cocktails while allowing the management to scroll specials and upcoming event announcements across the bar in direct view of every client. The bar and table-top technology doesn’t stop on the dance floor. All the orders and messages are available to every server via iPod Touch®, so the staff is always in the loop.

Diamond visions took the look of the club to new heights by designing and installing an advanced and complex system of RGB LED lighting that moves and breaths with the party while providing a colorful and playful atmosphere. Utilizing Elation RGB and Amber Flextape, Acclaim Rebel Eye HP, and American DJ MegaBar 50 RGB luminaries, the design team went out-of-their-way to add bold color without crowding the ceiling and walls with unsightly fixtures or raising the ambient light in the room to detract from the flirtatious advances of the crowd. While Diamond Visions strived for a clean and uncluttered look, they didn’t fail to give club-goers what they expected. Eight Elation Pro Platinum Spot 5R moving head fixtures were employed throughout the room to offer familiar dance-club lighting with minimal footprint and maximum efficiency.

Of course, no dance club is complete without sound. Diamond Visions again decided to marry form with function by installing EAW JFX260I, JFX88, VR62, and SB625ZP speakers on the main dance floor and a combination of EAW VR62 and Yorkville NX720S speakers on the “Bridge.” The sound system visually fades into the room while arousing the ears and pounding the chest of the crowd as they party late into the night.

While the look and feel of the club is important, it is paramount that the entire system is user-friendly, robust, and relatively maintenance-free. While the system is technologically advanced, it is very simple to operate and can easily be reconfigured remotely by Diamond Visions. The use of LEDs in lieu of traditional lamps extends the life-cycle of the clubs lighting system by years while simultaneously saving significant electrical costs–additionally, the LEDs are sealed and solid-state, meaning that frequent spills and splashes will not damage the system. Since the lighting is all RGB, nearly any color imaginable is available in an instant, allowing the management to change the look of the club as they see fit.

Diamond Visions prides itself on its ability to understand the client’s hopes and dreams and then design and install a system to meet and exceed their expectations. The design team is comprised of experts in lighting, sound, DJ gear, design, programming, and more. By harnessing so much talent, Diamond Visions is able to quickly take complex and unconventional projects, like Club Touch, from concept to completion without the need for myriad specialists working toward inconsistent goals.

Club Touch
55 W Church St, Orlando, FL 32801

Equipment List
Top Floor (The Bridge)
– 5 EAW VR 62
– 2 Yorkville NX 720S

– 30 Elation Opti RGB
– 10 Elation RGB Flex Tape
– 2 Elation ESpot LED
– 4 American DJ DJ Spot
– 1 Antari HZ-300

Main Floor (Touch)
– 4 EAW JFX 260I
– 4 EAW JFX 88
– 4 VR 62
– 4 SB625ZP

– 120 Acclaim Catwalk Panel
– 6 Acclaim Rebel Eye HP
– 8 Elation Platinum Spot 5R
– 22 Elation RGB Flex Tape
– 2 Elation Amber Flex Tape
– 2 Elation Protron Star
– 10 Elation MR RGB E27II
– 35 American DJ Mega Bar 50RGB RC
– 2 American DJ H2O
– 2 Antari HZ-300

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