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Envision your home…

Your home is your castle. You labor over the paint, the furniture, the carpet. You spend sleepless nights deciding how to upgrade the back yard and make your kitchen magnificent. How much thought have you given to the lighting? Have you thought about adding sound to your outdoor living spaces or living room? Have you considered automating your lights, HVAC, and entertainment system, so you can control your home from your smartphone?

If you’ve ever been to a theme park, you know how the lighting can take you to an entirely different place in your mind. What if you could create these mental retreats at home with the push of a button? What if you could change the exterior lighting to match the seasons? What if you could “decorate” your home for a holiday with the flip of a switch rather than hours of stringing lights, only to have to take them down three weeks later? What if your house parties, were lit like club parties? Diamond Visions has the know-how and the products to bring your dream-home dreams to life.

Diamond Visions, Inc. has a team of experts that can take your home from nice to WOW!



Whether you want a more energy efficient and convenient, but traditional feel; or a shockingly bold light show that blurs the line between staying home and having a night out, we have you covered. With LEDs, we can give you either traditional or modern, ooh and ah, or OMG; the whole time, you’ll be saving money on your utility bill.



Do you love music? Don’t you want a sound-system that disappears into the decor and design of your home while providing an outstanding listening experience? Diamond Visions specializes in products that will take your centralized entertainment system and turn your entire home into a complete and outstanding audio entertainment environment.



By adding automated control and wireless connectivity, your home can change with the light, mood, and season. It can also turn off the lights when your teenager forgets. It will allow you to cool the house down before you return from vacation or turn down the heat while you are headed for a business trip. Diamond Visions takes the guesswork out of home automation.



If it’s time to take your home to the next level, Diamond Visions has the tools, expertise, and creative ability to elevate your home to the excellence it deserves. We can show you what needs to be done, how much it will save you, and how little it will cost. Call us today for a FREE, comprehensive, no-obligation analysis of your home’s unique needs.