There’s more to home automation than the cool factor (but it is REALLY cool).

Home Automation Setup & Installation

Home automation systems can put comfort and energy savings at the touch of your smartphone or other mobile device with intelligent climate control. Program, monitor, and adjust your heating and cooling system levels from anywhere in the world for ideal settings as the temperature changes outside.

Keep heating and cooling costs low when you’re away by adjusting the system so that the temperature is just right when you return home.


home automation Examples

  • Shades that close automatically when you turn on the TV to reduce glare.
  • Smart Lighting that automatically turns on and off when you enter or leave a room.
  • Thermostats that adjust temperature in tandem with the temperature outside. This feature will save you money on heating bills.
  • Temporarily muting whole-house music when the doorbell rings
  • Westward facing shade that close 5 hours before sunset to reduce heat gain and air conditioning costs, and then re-open 15 minutes before sunset to let you capture the moment
  • Dimming all the lights by 5% and adjusting the thermostats by 3 degrees if your energy consumption gets too high.
Home automation allows you to control lighting with vacation timers, dimmers and color schemes.