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Control the amount of light in every room with a single touch.

Lightinh Services

With the increasing popularity of Home Control systems, smart lighting and shading should also be at the top of the list. You may be asking, why would I need a control system when I can walk across the room and flip the switch or draw the shades myself? 

It goes much deeper than simple switches, bulbs, and pull-cords. With the latest in home integration and control, we can give you total control over your lighting and shades from anywhere in your home using their smart device app, or one of their sleek wireless remotes.

Who We Are

Let the light shine over your beautiful commercial or residential property. We’re here to help you bring out the essence of your space with unique architectural lighting and one of a kind creativity. Our lighting designers are ready to help with any size project..

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Aesthetics may seem simple but aside from the sound of your speakers, the appearance will stand out most.

Sound Pressure Levels

When deciding on audio for your space, sound pressure levels are one of the most important things to consider. Some venues require even,

Distributed Audio

Distributed audio systems allow your speakers to be chained together while maintaining consistent sound throughout your space.