Access Control

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New Jersey Access Control

Protect Your Business with Our Access Control Systems

Electronic access control technology is ideal for permitting and restricting access to your premises or secured areas within the premises. In addition to being easy to use, access control systems are highly sophisticated and can be integrated into a number of other commercial security solutions, such as CCTV, for maximum effectiveness.

Introduction to Door Access Control Systems

The world of electronic access control is developing at a lightning pace. There are many different varieties of electronic access control systems. We’ll point you in the right direction to identify the right system for your specific needs. From fingerprint to facial recognition access control systems, we’ll help protect your assets & property today.
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Put the Power in your Hands with Supreme’s Electronic Access Control:

  • Control access to facility or secured areas
  • Authorize card or key-holders and record entry and exit times
  • Enhance security with individual access controls
  • Provides auxiliary security in addition to video surveillance or security guards
  • Protect vital computer server rooms from unauthorized access

Products & Services Overview


Aesthetics may seem simple but aside from the sound of your speakers, the appearance will stand out most.

Sound Pressure Levels

When deciding on audio for your space, sound pressure levels are one of the most important things to consider. Some venues require even,

Distributed Audio

Distributed audio systems allow your speakers to be chained together while maintaining consistent sound throughout your space.